Authentication Services in Central Servers

Technion mail accounts policy


The CIS Division provides the Technion members with a central authentication system named "Technion Authentication". Owners of these accounts get access to Technion central servers and services ןn accordance with their permissions on these systems.

Technion account has three components:

  1. Username - chosen by the user.
  2. Password - to choose according to the these guidelines.
  3. Secret code - delivered in writing to the user upon opening the account.

Account opening

Account opening in the authentication system is done for each users group in the responsible office and according to Technion policy:

  1. Accounts for Technion and Technion Research & Development Foundation administrative staff -opened by the human resources departments at the Technion and at the TRDF.
  2. Faculty members - opened by the Office of Academic Affairs .
  3. Student accounts are opened on self-service according to the guidelines published here

Account opening and maintenance

Users can manage their accounts using a self-service account maintenance system at
The password can be recovered using the ID number and the secret code.


The FAQ replies collection, The Support Center at phone 5600 and the site are available to the user.

E-mail services

Academic and administrative staff - opening a Technion authentication account  enables the use of the Technion e-mail system with, with access to the e-mail server.

Technion graduate and undergraduate students - e-mail services are provided by the Microsoft Office 365 cloud services. The e-mail address is, and access to Office 365 is at - . After the student has graduated, the e-mail address wil be

SSO - Single Sign On

SSO is a user authentication system that enables single authentication session for multiple systems, without the need for separate authentication on each system. This system is implemented by the Technion using the Azure Active Directory service by Microsoft.
The following sites connect to this SSO Authentication service:

  • Panopto - recorded lectures
  • Moodle - e-learning
  • Gmar - graduation system
  • ALMA directory service
  • Ezlibrary directory service
  • Students - Student Services
  • Technion's Mobile Application for Android and iOS
  • BookMe - Room Reservation Service
  • OTP - VPN Remote Connection Service



Central servers

Among servers and services that may be used with central authentication one can find: