Security alerts

date Alert
13/04/2022 Technion-Spring-2022-2- English
13/04/2022 Technion-Spring-2022-2- Hebrew
03/02/2022 Technion-Winter-2022
20/01/2022 QNAP Warns of Ransomware Targeting Internet-Exposed NAS Devices
14/10/2020 Usage of windows defender templates to attack
09/10/2020 Weakness that may reveal details of IEC employees
09/09/2020 More than 80 million Chrome Web Store users have become victims of fake ad blockers.
09/09/2020 Iranian hackers impersonate journalists to implant malware on victims' computers
16/08/2020 Attempted attack on the defense industries
11/05/2020 Personal Meeting Room in Zoom
10/05/2020 For 6 years, Samsung smartphones have suffered from a critical security bug. It is important to update your devices immediately.
07/05/2020 Iran is responsible for the cyber attack on Israel's water facilities in April 2020
29/03/2020 Information security and privacy in a remote working/learning age
08/03/2020 Extensive extortion campaign emailed to Israeli citizens
27/02/2020 Using the global public panic around the Corona virus to carry out cyber attacks
26/01/2020 SIM swap fraud for hacking of strong MFA identification
15/01/2020 Critical Windows Security Update 14-1-2020
12/01/2020 Office 365 Users: Beware of Phishing Emails Pointing to Office Sway
05/12/2019 Targeted attacks against the hotel sector (hospitality) for business information collection
27/11/2019 Precautions for the shopping season
04/11/2019 ZERO DAY vulnerability in Chrome browser could allow remote code execution
04/11/2019 BlueKeep - Critical Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services in Older Versions of Windows (Update and Reminder)
26/10/2019 Fake Office 365 Site Pushes Trickbot Trojan as Browser Update
12/09/2019 Threats to macOS users
11/07/2019 Scams including voice impersonation of senior members of the organization
11/07/2019 Weakness in ZOOM products
18/06/2019 Phishing email that looks like an encrypted email
03/06/2019 A security breach was discovered in Arcaffe's WiFi
15/05/2019 Critical vulnerability in old Microsoft operating systems
07/04/2019 Security updates for PuTTY software
07/03/2019 A critical vulnerability update for Chrome has been released
04/03/2019 Hundreds of Israeli sites were polluted because of a third-party script on leading sites
24/02/2019 Critical Vulnerability in DRUPAL
21/02/2019 Vulnerability in WinRAR compression software could allow remote code execution
20/02/2019 Link to the national cyber system alerts
09/01/2019 Basic examination on suspicion of phishing
31/12/2018 Scams that exploit the new civil year holidays (including impersonating Shufersal)
19/12/2018 New intimidation email, including assassination threat
18/12/2018 New Trojan horse attacking the PayPal app
17/12/2018 Critical Vulnerability in SQLite
16/10/2018 Fake software updates that include malware
10/10/2018 Security update for PHP
09/10/2018 Security Update for Firefox
21/08/2018 Apache Releases Security Updates for Tomcat Native
14/08/2018 Phishing attempts based on emails referring to pages that impersonate Netflix services.
08/08/2018 A new ransomware exploiting exposures in RDP
08/08/2018 Tech Support Scam
08/08/2018 Vulnerability in HP printers from the INKJET family
08/08/2018 Vulnerabilities in the DRUPAL environment
08/08/2018 DOS for LINUX systems