Computer accounts and mailboxes Technion policy


  1. Active students for all degrees [1] , including those serving as teaching and research adjuncts, will receive a computer account and a mailbox with an address with full Office 365 package.
  2. Undergraduates: address of the mailbox will be replaced to upon graduation and  full Office365 license will be replaced by a graduate license that includes a mailbox only.
  3. ME/MBA degree without thesis graduates: same as undergraduates of a bachelor's degree.
  4. Graduate students with thesis, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows: address of mailbox will be replaced to alumni upon studies completion, but campus address will be added as a secondary address for a year post graduation.
  5. In the case of additional degrees (for example: a doctoral student who also studies MBA ), it is the higher degree that counts.
  6. Graduate student retruning for higher degree studies, owning a graduate mailbox : the main address will be changed back to , including replacement of the license for full licensing, whereas alumni remains as a secondary address.


Technion active academic and administrative staff [2]  will receive a mailbox with an address with full  Office 365 package.



Technion pensioners with a [3] mailbox, with full Office 365 package: upon retirement they will be entitled to retain their mailbox with a dedicated extension g, , where Office365 Full license is replaced with a graduate license including a mailbox only. It is hereby clarified that any email messgae sent to address of a pensioner, will be rejected and will not reach its destination.



Academic and administrative staff who have been reported leaving by the Technion information systems, and are not retired, their account and mailbox will be closed shortly after departure.
This policy is approved by the Vice President and CEO of the Technion on July 16, 2020


[1] Including students in diploma programs in the Continuing Education department

[2] Including an emeritus faculty member

[3] Including faculty address such as