Macintosh Support

  1. The CIS Division recommends purchasing Apple Macintosh products with AppleCare Protection that provide an extended warranty for 3 years, or alternatively purchasing an extended warranty from an authorized reseller in Israel. To repair the fault of the computer that is responsible, contact the warranty provider.
  2. A special arrangement support company with the Technion provides, free of charge, support services for Macintosh computers with a warranty and not a warranty for members of the academic staff (only) at the Technion, the service will be provided with remote support and is designed to operate operating system and office faults.
  3. If the repair of the fault requires the delivery of a computer that is not the responsibility of the laboratory, the coverage of the repair and shipping costs will be approved in advance with the faculty member and will be documented in the call system at the support center.
  4. A faculty member interested in a Macintosh computer service is requested
    Open a service call on the support site:
    And select the following categories: