Account Opening Guide for New Users

Technion mail accounts policy


Every student admitted to undergraduate or graduate studies at the Technion is required to open a user account. This account, which is maintained and supported by the CIS Division, allows access to systems such as course registration, grades, e-mail and other computer resources on campus. Information about the Technion authentication service can be obtained in the CIS Division site.


Secret Code

Every student receives a "secret code" by e-mail. It is a 8 characters code used for unique identification.

  1. A graduate or undergraduate student, who has a mobile phone number updated in the system, can ask to recover the secret code by an SMS text message sent to his/her cell phone.
  2. An undergraduate student, who has forgotten / lost the secret code and does not have a mobile number updated in the system, can get the code at the students section in Ullmann building 400 floor between 11: 00-13: 00.
  3. A graduate student who has forgotten / lost the secret code and does not have a mobile number updated in the system, can get the code from the secretary of the graduate studies at his faculty or at the school secretariat.

Account Opening
User account opening is done by the student himself at the account management site , in the link
** I have no account, or : forgot the password or account name **
using the secret code and following the instructions. At the end of the process, a computer account is created with a username out of a selection of options that combine first and last name in English, e.g. moshecohen6, and an email address
The account management site provides a range of self-service operations, such as password reset, restore and update of a secret code,and cell phone number update in order to receive text messages.


The Technion provides the students with an advanced e-mail system based on the
Office 365 cloud infrastructure. Among its outstanding qualities is 50GB mailbox size, 1TB personal storage capacity and the privilege to use Microsoft Office software on
5 devices as chosen by the student. For full details see the CIS Division site.
Access to the e-mail system is at .

Having an email account is a prerequisite for course registration and all routine administrative matters at the Technion. The account will be used by the student throughout the course of his/her studies at the Technion. Technion official messages are sent to this e-mail and are treated as a registered letter sent to the student's address.
The account will be used by the student through all degree studies in the Technion, and will also be maintained  after graduation (subject to the agreement with the service provider).

Technion computer use is subject to the Technion resource usage regulations.


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