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“Multiple security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Canonical’s Snap software packaging and deployment system, the most critical of which can be exploited to escalate privilege to gain root privileges. Snaps   Excerpt: “QNAP has warned customers today to secure Internet-exposed network-attached storage (NAS) devices immediately from ongoing ransomware and brute-force attacks. “QNAP urges all QNAP NAS users to follow
Especially because of the use of windows defender, this warning is important and relevant Full details are described at this link The purpose of the attack – theft of identification
The following link describes a weakness on the website of an IEC workers’ committee, in which a weakness was discovered that could have revealed personal details of workers. This is
AdGuard company, which provides various ad-blocking and privacy-enhancing products, has revealed, following an investigation, that more than 80 million Chrome Web Store users have become victims of fake ad-blocking add-ons.
An Iranian spy group is now impersonating journalists. They target victims through LinkedIn and WhatsApp and try to infect their devices with malware. The first attacks were identified as of
This is one of the stories that passed relatively quietly under the radar The initial attack vector was an application with a job offer via LinkedIn The attackers impersonated
Tips for using Zoom Personal Meeting Room Your Personal Meeting Room is a virtual meeting room permanently reserved for you that anyone can access with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI)
For 6 years, Samsung smartphones have suffered from a critical security bug. It is important to update your devices immediately. . Samsung has released a security update for its popular
Tehran is behind the cyber attack on water facilities in Israel. Iran reportedly used US servers for the attack. In the age of clouds, anyone can be an American for
Update by the Privacy Protection Authority in the Justice Department Everyone is asked to adhere best to the guidelines set out in the documents: 1. Privacy Protection following the spread
As of Thursday, 6-3-2020, there are many inquiries with the Israeli National Cyber ​​Array from citizens who received extortion Email. The Email messages are allegedly sent from the citizen’s email
Recent reports have begun to be posted about exploiting the worldwide Coron virus panic for cyber-attacks by way of social engineering. See the full document attached The attacks include: 1.
SIM swap fraud (also known as SIM splitting and SIM hijacking) is a form of phone account fraud that is usually aimed at overcoming 2-step authentication and multi-step authentication where
Microsoft’s monthly security update, released today, January 14, 2020, revealed an exploitable vulnerability that can be used by an attacker to deceive the user, and the operating system through a
Please note: The phishing described here passes through the defense mechanisms because it was sent from Microsoft Be cautious and alert users from accessing links impersonating permissions to receive a
מגזר המלונאות הוא יעד אטרקטיבי עבור קבוצות תקיפה רבות. הסיבה לכך היא העובדה שמלונות, בתי הארחה, סוכנויות נסיעות וחברות שירותים ממגזר זה שומרים מידע אישי ופיננסי רב השייך ללקוחותיהם.The hotel
27-11-2019 These days, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and other sales promotions and discounts are tempting and attractive to all of us. These promotions are an extensive field for increasing the
Recently, two Chrome browser vulnerabilities have been reported, which could allow an attacker to run remote code. According to the report, one of the vulnerabilities was actually exploited by attackers,
Microsoft announced last May that a critical vulnerability had been identified in Remote Desktop Services (CVE-2019-0708), which is used to remotely access workstations and servers running on older versions of  Excerpt:  Attackers have created a fake Office 365 site that is distributing the TrickBot password-stealing Trojan disguised as Chrome and Firefox browser updates.  In BleepingComputer’s testing, this fake Office
The belief that there are no threats for the macOS operating system (or at least no serious threats) has been recognized for decades. The owners of MacBooks and iMacs are
BEC-Buisness Email Compromise attacks are email scams against commercial, governmental, or nonprofit organizations that are intended to motivate employees in the organization, through social engineering, to take action in favor
Please pay attention to the message about weakness found in ZOOM products and to the 2 documents with solutions for MAC and Windows Hi all, There has been a vulnerability
Please note: Attackers are upgrading and have recently started using email that looks like encrypted emails that we also use Please note – an encrypted Technion email looks like it
It is important to remember that when connecting to a public WIFI network, the information transmitted is exposed at best to the network administrators and at worst it may be
Microsoft has reported that a critical vulnerability has been identified in the Remote Desktop Service, which is used to remotely access workstations and servers running on the Windows operating system,
PuTTY software is a popular software. The software has versions of the Windows and UNIX operating systems. A new version of the software was recently released, 0.71, which includes a
According to reports, this is a zero day vulnerability that is actually used for attacks. The vulnerability could allow a remote and unidentified attacker to execute a remote code execution
Over the weekend, hundreds of leading sites in Israel, including leading sites, were polluted by a page with the caption “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine”. The security failure is
A critical vulnerability (CVE-2019-6340) was recently discovered in the free content management system on WEB-Drupal sites. The vulnerability could, under certain conditions, allow an attacker to run Remote PHP  code
Recently, a serious vulnerability was discovered in WinRAR file compression software. The vulnerability originated in the code for opening compressed files in ACE format, and has been present in all
This is a link to the alerts of the national cyber array –
Basic rules for checking a suspicious email Upon receipt of an email we verify the sender’s address and the links to which there is an email reference. Sender’s address: Verify
The holiday periods and the online shopping that accompanies them are an opportunity for attackers to commit fraud and theft of money and sensitive information. Two attacks have recently been
The sender of the email requires a sum of money – usually about $4000, but the amount may vary. Of course the payment is in Bitcoin. The email threatens physical
Attached is a list of recommendations and also a list of applications exploited by the malware. Naturally the list may be larger, meaning not every affected application appears in the
SQLite is a library that allows you to store information in a local SQL DB. Thousands of applications use this library, including browsers, operating systems, programming languages and more. A
Fake software updates including spyware have recently been discovered. Such an update, allegedly by ADOBE company even updates the installation on the computer, but in addition installs software for mining
PHP released a security update. The most severe vulnerability could allow attackers to run RCE remote code in application permissions on the server. Vulnerable versions that require updating: 7.2 to
Fix for 2 critical vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow RCE remote code execution The versions for Firefox 62.0.3, Firefox ESR 60.2 must be updated Link to the
The Apache Foundation has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in Apache Tomcat Native. A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected server. NCCIC encourages
Phishing messages have been sent to a number of users, including users who are not Netflix subscribers at all. The messages appeared as messages from Netflix reporting a problem with
An ransomware named SamSam is different from familiar forms of ransomware. While other versions are emailed to potential victims, SamSam attacks take advantage of RDP access exposures – whether by
Damaged WEB pages or pages that impersonate legitimate pages inform the victim that the computer has been blocked due to the discovery of malware on the computer. The user is
Researchers have identified two critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-5924, CVE-2018-5925) in various HP InkJet printers. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to remotely run a malicious code (RCE). The company has released
A security update was recently released for a third-party library called Symfony, which is included in the Drupal project. Vulnerability in the above library could allow a bypass of security
It is possible to cause a denial of service attack on Linux systems in versions KERNEL 4.9 or later, by forcing the operating system to make calls on every packet
Two security vulnerabilities have been found in Apache Tomcat, in different versions. The server is very popular in the world, among open source servers. One of the vulnerabilities could allow
Recently many have received, to the Technion email or to the private email, an intimidation email claiming that they were observed and recorded while visiting some porn site. To strengthen
Node.js is a development environment that allows development in JavaScript language both for creating standalone applications (outside the browser) and for creating server-side applications. The main software database for this
Apple has released security updates for a variety of products: tvOS, Safari, macOS, iOS, iTunes, iCloud, and watchOS. An attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to run remote code
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