Fake Office 365 Site Pushes Trickbot Trojan as Browser Update



Excerpt:  Attackers have created a fake Office 365 site that is distributing the TrickBot password-stealing Trojan disguised as Chrome and Firefox browser updates.  In BleepingComputer's testing, this fake Office 365 site found by MalwareHunterTeam looks like any site that would normally belong to Microsoft. In fact all of its links point to pages hosted on Microsoft domains.  If you wait a few seconds, though, the site will present you with a alert that states your browser needs to be updated. This alert is slightly different for Chrome and Firefox users. For example, when using Google Chrome to visit the page, it will show an alert titled "Chrome Update Center" and state that you are using an older version of Chrome that could lead to loss of data and browser errors.


Important - Do not be tempted by browser updates following an email received


If you must update a browser version, then do it from within the browser itself and not via an external link.