Intimidation email and demand for Bitcoin payment


Recently many have received, to the Technion email or to the private email, an intimidation email claiming that they were observed and recorded while visiting some porn site. To strengthen the credibility of the email, a password is displayed that is actually known to the user as his password.

A description of this type of email appears for example in this link -


This is a campaign that exploits passwords collected from less protected sites over the years. This is usually a relatively old password.

No need to panic. However, wherever the password displayed in the email is used, it is important to change the password immediately.

Example text of intimidation email


Hello there - I actually know all of the too dirty secrets. I won't reveal you just what exactly I know, I've got every piece of information with me. To show this, simply let myself say to you that one of your security passwords is actually ******. Pay me $3000 via BITC01N to the address 1LPBiSdWcBMkcKgmwU2MF6acVCavfwPet8 in the next 46 hours. I will make one thing precise, that I will damage your life entirely if I don't get the payment. As long as I do get the payment, I'm going to erase each and every details I've with me, and i'll disappear and you will definitely never hear a thing from me. This is the first and last e mail from me as well as the offer can not be negotiated, thus do not respond to this e-mail.