Zeus Cluster

Zeus Cluster

Zeus is a cluster for public usage of researchers and advanced students at the Technion. The computers in the cluster are inter-connected with a fast  infiniband network.   They are intended to run parallel software using MPI.

The cluster is using Linux CentOS7 and is managed by a queuing system called PBS which stands for Portable Batch System.


Work procedure

Load and s/w management in the cluster is done by the queuing system Altair PBS

A brief description , usage instructions and example of running using the PBS queue management system can be found here

To run a job on the cluster, you will need to write a script in the PBS format and send it to a queue using the command qsub. The job script contain information on the resources requested for the calculation, as well as the commands for executing the calculation.

Running an interactive job on the cluster is not allowed

Once a job is finished, you can analise the data received on a dedicated server named zeus-post or transfer the data to your personal computer



There are 24 compute nodes by Lenovo on the cluster

Each node has 2 Intel processors of 20 cores each, all working in Hyper Threading mode. Altogether there are 960 cores and 1920 threads in the cluster.

InfiniBand switches by Mellanox are connecting the nodes, the speed is 100Gb.

The communication is managed by 1 GB switches

Central storage on NetApp

In addition, the cluster holds more compute nodes which belong to several research groups.

Researchers and research groups can buy compute nodes by the cluster standard and expansion policy and they will be connected to the Zeus cluster. These nodes will get fast communication services and storage services from the cluster and will be supported by the support team of the cluster.



Please fill a form for Zeus account here

HPC account is opened on ZEUS cluster with the Technion username and password using the technion authentication services . Default quota is 100 GB

It is recommended to install home edition of X-windows emulator MobaXterm (https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/) on Windows machines to establish SSH connection.

ZEUS can be accessed via ssh from any computer within the Technion Network, using command

ssh username@zeus.technion.ac.il

and applying Technion password.

TechSec Network sould be used for Technion WIFI connection.
There is no direct access to or ZEUS outside Technion Network except via vpn. For establishing VPN connection, follow instructions published here
It is recommended to download and install free WinSCP client for file transfer to/from HPC server.
Portable batch System (PBS) must be used to run jobs on ZEUS (click here for more details)
Queues, available for public usage on compute nodes: zeus_all_q (24 h) , zeus_long_q (72 h) zeus_short_q (3 h) . Each compute node containes 80 cores and 378 GB RAM.
Queue, available for public usage on GPU nodes: gpu_v100_q.


0.03 NIS per wall time hour per core on compute nodes and 0.18 NIS per hour on GPU


For support on all issues related to ZEUS - questions, software installation, quota increase and other requests
please send a detailed e-mail to HPC@TECHNION.AC.IL from your TECHNION ADDRESS only.


Information about PBS system

You can use the PBS script generator here