HPC Rates & Billing

The total rates of running at public junctions are calculated only according to the net running time for core. Charge for running is calculated as the total running time, multiplied by the number of cores used. There is no charge for storage services. There is no charge for transferring information.

HPC Rates 2021
Researcher affiliationTechnionOther Academic InstituteIndustry
HPC CPU  regular core-threads per hour0.015 ₪ 0.06 ₪ 0.09  ₪
HPC CPU fat core-threads per hour0.015 ₪ 0.06 ₪ 0.09  ₪
HPC V100 GPU per hour0.18 ₪ TBA TBA
HPC A100 GPU per hour0.18 ₪ TBA TBA
HPC Storage [1TB/year] TBA TBA TBA
AI Storage [1TB/year] TBA TBA TBA

*Each core has two threads

see also: cis services price list