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The Technion maintains an advanced system for e-mail services. This central system is based on Microsoft Office 365 cloud infrastructure and is intended for academic and administrative staff, for Technion students for all degrees, and for graduate students as they complete their studies.

Cloud accounts of this service are based on the Technion central authentication system, used for uniform authentication for additional computing services on campus. Opening accounts in these systems according to Technion policy is done as follows:
• Accounts for administrative staff at the Technion and the Technion Research & Development Foundation are opened by human resources departments at the Technion and at the Technion Research & Development Institute.
• Academic staff accounts are opened by the Office of Academic Staff
• Student accounts are opened on self-service according to the guidelines published here



Cloud system

User population


Academic and administrative staff







Contents of the service

A user with a cloud account receives a mailbox with a  50GB box, calendar, user sharing, synchronization, and compatibility for all possible devices, etc. In addition, any user who uses the cloud service is eligible for a 1TB OneDrive for Business storage for files of any sort,  and five Office installations on computers and mobile devices for the duration of being an active faculty staff or student.

A graduate who completes his studies with an entitlement to a degree can continue to hold the box while changing the email address from campus.technion.ac.il to alumni.technion.ac.il      In the transition between campus and alumni, the graduate student loses the ability to use Office and the OneDrive folder, but the contents of the box will be saved and transferred to alumni.


Access to the service

Access to Office 365 is at http://outlook.technion.ac.il
Upon entering the Office 365 login screen for the first time, please enter the username in the following format:
username@campus.technion.ac.il for students and username@technion.ac.il for academic and administrative staff. Also enter Technion password. After setting language and time zone, the system is ready to use.
You can watch a short tutorial (11 minutes) explaining in detail the service usage including downloading and installing of the products included in the benefits package.


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