Central Services

Central Services
Type of service Description of Service Cost Comments
Communication at the Campus CIS division operates the network around the campus, internet connection bandwidth 10Gb/sec through IUCC. No Cost All network services include centralized monitoring in a variety of systems.
Wireless communication CIS Division operates three wireless networks in the areas of coverage.TechPublic public network, TechSec internal  secure network and Eduroam academic guest network. No Cost Identification with the  TechSec/Eduroam network is by faculty and/or central.
Off campus communication Technion acts as ISP and also enables a secure login from anywhere in the world. According to CIS Division Price List ISP and VPN services including strong authentication using a password generator.
Filtering  of malicious traffic on campus Filtering of malicious traffic between units on campus is done by  data security system. No Cost Central Service for all faculties at the Technion, based on Fortinet system in network core.
Filtering of malicious traffic off campus Firewall protects the Technion servers from attacks. No Cost Based on CheckPoint FW1 UTM system
Online Teaching - Courses Moodle system for online teaching, managed by the Center for Promotion of Teaching. No Cost Open to all faculties.
E-learning - Video Pantopto system for management of online  lectures, managed by the Center for Promotion of Teaching. No Cost
Scientific consultation Professional consultants for faculty staff and researchers in the fields of scientific word processing, statistics, mathematical software, CFD and High Performance Computing No Cost
Web Development WordPress development and support services. No Cost
ListServ Mailing Lists Management of central and faculty mailing lists. No Cost
Physical server hosting CIS Division allows faculties to store the faculty servers (19" only) in the Technion data center with dual power supply, protected and equipped with fire alarms. Double UPS and emergency generator. Place is monitored and supervised 24 × 7. [i] According to CIS Division Price List Excluding physical hosting management services and independent operating environment of the server.Requires compliance with information security.
Virtual Servers You can use a central infrastructure for running virtual servers, Linux/windows. According to CIS Division Price List Service is provided with or without management services.
System Management Services Linux/windows system administration services for physical and/or virtual servers No Cost Limited service [ii] for application servers.
High performance computing CIS Division handles multiple high performance computing environments, both central and faculty (hosted) Depends on management policy, to date - no cost. Clusters of faculties at the Technion, alongside  a central system, Zeus
Central email services Managed email services, supports imaps/smtp protocols with smart devices compatibility. No Cost Including backup
Corporate email system Managed Exchange services, email box with archive, calendar and contacts sharing, tasks, and public folders managing. Rich web access interface with smart devices compatibility. Connection to Technion's telephone switchboard (planned) No Cost Several levels of service are provided, 10% of the faculty mailboxes are defined as Gold with 5GB and archive. Including backup at no cost.
Spam filtering IronPort  system for Technion mailboxes to filter out abusive and commercial email. No Cost An alternative to the current product is tested.
Central storage for file sharing Renting of space using nas file sharing services for workstations. Including snapshot backup a week back. According to CIS Division Price List Service is available from two environments - NetApp and V3700 IBM
Central storage for faculty servers Renting of space using san file sharing services for faculty servers. Including snapshot backup a week back. According to CIS Division Price List Nas protocol is required, on fiber channel/iscsi
Servers/Workstations backup Disk based central backup using netbackup software. Designed for faculty servers According to CIS Division Price List
PC Backup Disk based central backup using InSync Software, designed for personal computers, laptop and desktop. Option for remote backup via the Internet. According to CIS Division Price List New PC backup service, allows self-initiated restore
Central authentication services Ldap authentication service by username and password at tx and t2 No Cost
Central authentication services - Students AD All degree student authentication services based on Active Directory. Service is intended for both central organisations and as a service to the faculties. No Cost ST(udents) Domain managed automatically, populated based on information from undergraduate and graduate schools.
Central authentication services - staff / employees / researchers AD Authentication services for all Technion non-student users based on Active Directory. Service is intended for both central organisations and as a service to the faculties (planned). No Cost Staff Domain in planning stage to provide SAP info  services such as: Technion HR, TRDF HR and academic staff office.
Support Management Software SysAid software service for faculty helpdesk management. No Cost Used by 10 faculties.
Helpdesk Support Support center (phone 5600) for first-line faults in central and administrative systems. Support Center is currently active from 7:30 to 17:30. Service is powered by SysAid software. No Cost The service is intended for administrative and academic staff to resolve common problems in central systems.
AntiVirius protection management for servers and workstations. CIS Division operates a central system that protects, updates and scans the workstations. No Cost McAfee EPo server based system with central and distributed management (according to faculty policy).
Windows update system CIS Division operates a central system for managing Windows operating system updates No Cost Based on a central WSUS server
Software purchase Personal software license purchase.
For purchase using Technion budget, enter the SAP portal.
For purchase from salary, enter the software store site
According to the price list on the SAP portal site or the software store site.
Software distribution Software (not license) download  for faculty engineering only. No Cost

[i] planning to move the security alerts to a security center and go on unattended format

[ii] System services are not intended  to replace faculty/unit management but to address general infrastructure issues