"Secret Code" retrieval

"Secret Code" retrieval

פתח גרסה מונגשת

The "Secret Code" stays with you up until you finish your studies or work an the Technion.

Pay attention, for information security reasons the secret code will be sent to you via sms to the phone number you have supplied to the human resource. If there was no number supplied  you will recieve a corresponding error message and you won't be able to retrieve your "Secret Code".
If you encountered such problem, you should contact either your faculty engineer in order to resolve the problem or the faculty secretariat office.

"Secret Code" retrieval:

  1. Follow this link: http://cc-account.technion.ac.il
  2. Press the "Missing: login/password/secret code" button:
  3. Now enter your student ID and press "I have no Secret Code":
  4. Under "Secret Code Type:" choose "My permanent secret code":
  5.  You will receive your "Secret code" by text message.
  6. For further assistance you may contact your faculty engineer, or contact Help Desk both via our site: http://5600.technion.ac.il        and by phone 04-8295600.

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