Covered Areas

Coverage Map

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Details of coverage in public areas and academic units:

Aeronautics and Space Eng Library, Central patio near the library, Room 138, Conference room 118.
Architecture Eng Sego and Amado Buildings.
Biotechnology and Food Eng Whole building.
Biology New Building: PC farm 230, Inner space: 3rd floor lobby, Lecture Hall across from PC farm room 226, Malat Building: Corridor between laboratories on floor 2, Whole of Life Sciences Building
Biomedical Eng Library, New PC farm Room 135, Central space at the entrance.
Student House Whole building and expansion outside.
Medicine Rappaport Building Auditorium, Library.
Ullmann Building Audiovisual Library, Entrance hall, Cafeteria area, Floors 2,3,4,5,6,7
Asher Space Research Building Whole building.
Danciger Building Whole building.
Senate Building Whole building.
Malat Building Floors 2, 3, 6.
 Churchill Building Whole building.
Pre-University Building Whole building.
Collar Building  Whole building.
Roads and Land Eng Floor 3.
Education in Technology and Science PC farm, 2nd floor, library.
Civil Eng Rabin Building - central space. Borowitz Building - library.
Agricultural Eng New Building Shelter and 1st Floor
Chemical Eng Shared library for Biotechnology and Food, Building entrance at janitor's room and nearby lawn, Auditorium 201, Cafeteria.
Materials Eng Most parts of the new building. Old building 6th floor and part of 3rd floor.
Electrical Eng Most regions of the Faculty
Mechanical Eng PC farm, library, classrooms area. Dan-Kahn Building -whole building.
Industrial Eng and Management Library, Auditorium 100 in Bloomfield Building, Secretariat and registration area, Dean's Office, and the area between buildings
Chemistry Library, Faculty Club, 3rd Floor Cafeteria, 4th floor Lobby, New Teaching Division, Expansion of the water fountain.
Campus center Whole area.
Humanities and Arts Physics Floor.
Life Sciences Whole building.
Computer Science Library, Reading room, Open areas on 1st and 2nd floors.
Neaman Institute Spaces of 1st and 2nd floors and lecture hall
Employees Club Whole building.
Sports Club Ground floor corridor, Central gym hall, Classes corridor, Upper Gym room.
Water Institute Whole unit
Solid-state Most of the building.
Computing Division
Staff Center  Staff Club  and the hotel.
Mathematics Faculty lobby, Seminars Room 814, Library, Hall 232, Assistants Room.
Central Library Elyachar Library.
Physics Lidov Building: Entrance area, library. Old building: Cafeteria near Hall 100 and area in front of Lecture Hall 323. Humanities and Arts 3rd floor.
Gutwirth Park The Safety Unit. Energy Laboratory. Experimental research facility.