Joining and Installation

Joining the backup service entails a charge for the software licensing.
Servers backup entails also a charge for annual maintenance and software updates, as well as for the storage consumed for backup.

Following is the detailed joining process;


Joining Process
License Price 830 NIS
390 NIS per year per VM
Please Note
Annual Maintenance Cost 190 NISNo charge
Cost of Storage 660 NIS for 100 GB150 NIS for100 GB
How to JoinOpen a call in helpdesk under the category:"Computing Division"=>
"Backups and restores" =>
"Joining NetBackup"
and enter the necessary information
Fill the prerequisites
How to InstallInstallation on Windows servers is done by downloading the files in the attached folder and following the Installation instructions

Installation on Unix / Linux is carried out by the Backup team. Please open a call at helpdesk
After carrying out the prerequisites please send e-mail to:

Catalog numbers can be found in the CIS Division pricelist.

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