Backup Policy

Backups are performed according to policies determined by the specifications of the computers. The policy defines various levels of backup (full, different types of incremental), and saving "generations" (versions) of information snapshots at points in time.

This is done as follows:


NetBackup physical servers

NetBackup physical servers
Backup typeWith remote copyFrequency Retention Backup Time
Monthly (full backup)Every 4 weeks6 monthsWeekend
*Last MonthlyYesEvery 4 weeks1 monthWeekend
Weekly (changes since full backup)Once a week6 monthsWeekend
Daily (changes since last backup)Once a day, 5 days a week45 daysSunday to Thursday
*Semiannual (full backup)YesOnce a semester1 yearFebruary, July


VEEM Virtual Servers

VEEM Virtual Servers
Backup typeWith remote copyFrequency Retention Backup Time
FullOnce on the first backup3-4 weeks
IncrementalEvery day21-28 last copiesNight
*IncrementalYesEvery day7 copiesImmediately following daily backup
*Full syntheticYesWeekly2 weeksWeekly
*Full syntheticYesMonthly3 monthsMonthly
*Full syntheticYesYearly1 yearYearly



* Service is provided for clients joining the remote location backup policy (see the Pricelist)

The additional copy is saved at a remote location outside the Technion.

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