Information Security

The stability of the computing infrastructure is a cornerstone of the management, activity and success of the Technion. A stable infrastructure is essential for supporting the changing and growing needs of the organization while ensuring a high degree of accessibility to its information systems.

The Technion's status as a leading Israeli Academic institution, the geographical dispersion of the various units, and the large number and variety of informational systems expose the Technion to constant security threats, which apply a systematic and comprehensive thinking.

To mitigate the numerous security threats, many activities are carried out:

  1. Raising the awareness to information security issues.
  2. Risk assessing surveys.
  3. Establishing policies and regulations regarding information security.
  4. Strengthen the IT infrastructure.
  5. Optimizing and improving the efficiency  of the information security devices.
  6. Carrying out various projects in the domain of the information security.
  7. Coordinating communication with external entities.
  8. Assuming the compliance to the State laws and applicable regulations.