Configure Thunderbird with Office365 Calendar

How to configure Thunderbird with Office365 Calendar

  1. Download the file exchangecalendar-vXXX.xpi
  2. Install it in Thunderbird as follows:


click on add-ons

  1. Click on Install Now.
  2. Close Thunderbird and open it again.
  3. From the Menu on Thunderbird right side, choose Events and Tasks and Calendar



  1. After clicking on New Calendar, you will get – Create a new calendar.
  2. Choose – On the Network

  1. Click Next.
  2. You will get:

  1. Choose Microsoft Exchange and click Next
  2. You will get:

  1. In the Name – write the calendar’s name.
  2. Choose your E-Mail from the popup menu.
  3. Click Next
  4. In Exchange Type – Choose Microsoft Office365
  5. In Server URL, enter
  6. In Primary email address – enter your email address,
  7. In Username - enter your email address,
  8. Click on – Check server and mailbox, enter your credentials in the popup menu.
  9. Calendar folder will appear. Click Next

  1. Your calendar has been created.
  2. Click on Finish.
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