Web Development

The website development group was established to provide Technion users with means to build websites quickly, easily and at low cost, and maintain them over time. The group coordinates website building at the Technion and offers a variety of options and web applications for academic and administrative staff.


  1. Personal websites, sites for laboratories, research groups, conferences (or any other simple site) - The section offers sites for  construction by the user on a
    multi-site WordPress system, with support and assistance of the web development team.
    The offered service is outlined below:
    a. Training
    i. A variety of detailed guides in Hebrew
    ii. A system introductory workshop
    iii. Personal training for using complex applications or for those who find
    self-studying too complicated
    b. Initial construction of the site itself - if schedule is tight or there is no person with the technical ability to build the site
    c. Upgrade, maintenance and support of the system, so that no action is needed on the site owner side
    d. Application development or plugin installation for the benefit of the users of the system.
    e. Graphic themes development.
  2. Complex sites containing unique content types or unique graphics -
    the following websites, for example, required dedicated programming and development:
    a. Such sites will be built by the team members on another WordPress multi-site system.
    b. Contents of these sites will be maintained exclusively by the site owners.
  3. Faculty sites - The CIS Division will host an additional WordPress multi-site system, exclusively designed and adapted for the needs of Technion faculties. This system is maintained by the Marketing Department.
  4. Website hosting on a dedicated server - is available to users whose needs are not met by all other options. For those interested in building their site by themselves, an account will be opened on a dedicated server, under the following terms:
    a. Only WordPress or Drupal based systems can be stored on this server.
    b. .NET websites hosting on Windows servers are under the resposibilty of the Microsoft infrastructure department.
    c. Each project must be carried out by a professional developer. This developer must present a significant prior experience in similar projects.
    d. Account owners are responsible for carrying out regular maintenance and site security including periodic upgrades.
    e. The site will undergo security checks and comply with the rules of accessibility and privacy before launching as detailed in this document
  5. Website system for graduate students - enables every graduate student  to set up a website on a multi-user WordPress system for the duration of his/her studies at the Technion. To register: https://webgr.technion.ac.il/
  6. Assistance in contacting  external site development companies  - the CIS Division initiated, under the law of tenders, the selection of two website development companies. These companies will develop websites for urgent or large and complex projects, that the website development group does not have sufficient personnel to deal with.The companies that won the tender met the required preconditions of professionalism and  price. All Technion units may contact these companies directly through Ifat David Denekamp in the Purchasing Division.
    Those who need help or consultation, professionally or financially, please contact the website development group for support and assistance.
  7. Online payment service - with the assistance of the Finance Department, the website development group will assist in installing a clearing terminal in the site. To open the integration process of clearing in the site, please contact Moshe Glickstein in the CIS Division.
  8. Self developing and special projects - in cases approved by the CIS Division management, the website development group will undertake special projects to be carried out by the group, according to the order.
  9. Consulting - the knowledge and experience of the website development group and the CIS Division staff allow us to give advice on any subject relating to the development of websites and web applications. It is recommended to contact us with any question, even if the issue does not relate directly to the specified service areas.

Service Policy

The variety of options detailed above addresses all needs of website development that may rise at the Technion. To enable us to provide the best service, we ask users who apply to act according to the following:

  1. Contact by email to wp@technion.ac.il
  2. Please add your contact information in the message body:
    1. name
    2. phone number
    3. email address
    4. Technion unit
  3. If the request concerns an existing website, its address must be included.
  4. If the request is in continuance of a previous correspondence, that correspondence must be attached at the bottom of the message.
  5. All services are free unless otherwise stated.