Monitoring of Network, Servers and Central Services

SOLARWINDS system is a centralized system to monitor communication infrastructure, servers and services that are installed on the Technion network .

This monitoring system generates alerts for sampled events, according to various conditions defined by the system administrators.

The system is designed, according to the manufacturer, to monitor tens of thousands of servers based on different operating systems.

Servers and services are sampled by the SOLARWINDS system  using a variety of protocols, such as:

Alerts, defined by the server administrators, are sent as email messges, and  can also be viewed  on the DASHBOARD display.

In many cases, early warnings have led to the exposure of  communication, hardware or application problems,  before they could cause a significant disruption to work.

After several months of gradual implementation, the system  serves as a management and control tool  by the network communication team,  and helps in controlling the activity of central server systems in the DATA CENTER and DR sites of the  CIS Division.

SOLARWINDS company site: