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Software Description

Tecplot 360 - 2021 R1/R2 is a CFD & Numerical Simulation Visualization Software combining engineering plotting with advanced data visualization in one tool.


רישוי טכניוני לאנשי סגל האקדמי, ללא תשלום

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  • Integrated CFD analysis functions enable users to perform spatial integrations, generate particle trajectories, extract flow features, examine grid quality, and estimate numerical errors.
  • Installation: no setup needed
  • Usage: tec360 &
  • Help: within Tecplot click the Help button

Support: Yulia Halupovich

Software Version

Version 14.0.2 installed on aluf; for network installations, we support version 14.0.2 for MS Win and MacOs.


Yulia Halupovich
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