Software Acquisition

Technion members may acquire software as follows:


Software acquired from research funds.

Academic staff can buy such products from the internet site:  For a short guide in Hebrew of how to purchase software via the SAP portal, click here.


Students can acquire software and have the price deducted from the same bank account from which they pay their tuition fees.

The acquistion is enabled via the electronic software shop, at:


Technion employees may acquire software and have the price deducted directly from their salary.

The acquistion is enabled via the electronic software shop, at:


Software acquired from funds of the Technion units.

Two steps must be taken in order to purchase software from funds of a Technion unit:

  1. Order:
    • The computer system administrator of the unit orders the software from Computer Account Management Website, "Buy SW copies for faculty". This opens the entry page of the electronic shop.
    • The computer system administrator enters his or her own data / account details.
    • Once the order placed, a click on "check out" button concludes the placing of the order and opens a window which dispalys the code necessary for the payment. This code is also sent to the computer system administrator via e-mail.
    • This code must be handed to the administrative assisstant (עוזר למינהל) of the unit.
  2. Payment:  The administrative assistant performs the financial transaction from his or her own SAP account. This is done by
    • a click on the "רכישה" button,
    • followed by a click on "מרכז המחשבים-תוכנות"

How to Buy Adobe Products

The Adobe products are acquired from the SAP portal, conform to the contract signed between the "Purchase Section" of the Technion and the vendor. (heb) The vendor is the software distribution company Academac.