Document management systems – Documentum

The Technion is setting up a main system for content management which will be integrated with the SAP systems. The purpose of this system, called Documentum by EMC, is to allow access to unified information along with reducing the amount of papers kept at Technion offices today.

This system will provide advanced technological tools for working with electronic documents, connected to existing operative systems and advanced search and recovery abilities.

The Technion chose the Documentum tool as the preferred solution to manage its documents. It is a leading international tool by EMC which has been converted to Hebrew by Ness Company in Israel. Documentum can be linked to the SAP system and to an Office workspace.

The system is planned to be implemented gradually in the Technion, with the intention to provide this solution to all units in the Technion.

Documentum has the following functionalities:

  • Acquisition of all existing documents in the Technion, through indexing, filing and cataloging apparatuses connected to the SAP system.
  • Automatic or manual document routing abilities among authorized personnel.
  • The system supports Hebrew in the user interfaces.
  • An integral search engine which allows a textual search in the content of managed documents.
  • The system supports an electronic signature.
  • Support of video and audio files will be available in the future, including managing the files' meta-data features.

The system is installed on virtual servers hosted at the Computing Department. The installation and assimilation project, including the adjustments to the Technion demands, is managed by the project's team in CIS department.

Integrating this system into use in a number of administrative units will allow a connection between users and the SAP entries – documents such as email attachments, files from the computer and files originating from an optic scan.