Hosting websites on a central server of the Computing Division (web3)

The CIS Division offers hosting of  websites and complex applications developed By software contractors who won the tender for the provision of software development services and websites (Public Tender No. 202020015) in PHP and WordPress. Accounts will be opened on this server after an initial examination of plans for the project. Launching will be done only after a comprehensive security review of the finished site by the  information security officer at the CIS Division And compliance with accessibility rules.

Accounts on the server will be managed through the  cPanel Management System, that enables the account owners with many options, including:

  • Independent opening and management of databases
  • Log access in order to find errors and activities review
  • File Manager
  • Setting run times for programs (cron jobs)
  • Independent password changing
  • Independent backups in addition to system backups
  • More options for server management and account information

The website development department will not assist third-party developers in debugging of code, and will only help in training on how to connect to the server.

Every site on Central Hosting Server (web3) should present a long-term support contract with the site developer.