Updating User Password (Prior to Expiration)

Updating User Password (Prior to Expiration)

פתח גרסה מונגשת

For information security purposes, user passwords are valid for one year only.

All Technion students and staff are required to update their personal password prior to its expiration.

Please note that without and up-to-date password, you will not be able to connect to and use the Technion online services, including your Technion e-mail.

Finally, after updating your password as explained below, be sure to update your credentials in any applications - on any devices - which are set to automatically connect to the Technion services (mainly, e-mail applications and the Technion mobile application).

Consecutive attemps to log into your account using an incorrect password will result in the temporary blocking of you account.


Updating User Password:

(1) Access the Technion's CIS webpage for managing personal computer accounts.

(2) Fill your personal details in the appropriate fields (see image below) and click "Continue":

A - Your ID/Student ID number (consisting of 9 digits);

B - UserName only;

C - Current password.










(3) Click "Password Change":


(4) Set your new password , enter it twice then click "Continue"

You can now choose a new password, enter it twice and press continue.

Please note: your password must be at least 8 characters long and must consist of at least 3 of the following groups:

  • Capital English letters;
  • Lower case English letters;
  • Numbers;
  • Special characters: for example ,.#%^&-_ ; excluding: ()*?!@ \[ ]'

*Password may not contain: a word from the dictionary; sequential digits (e.g. 789); your given name; your surname.


(5) Your new password will become valid in about 50 minutes..

**For further assistance, please contact your faculty engineer, or contact Help Desk at our website: http://5600.technion.ac.il ; or by phone: 04-829-5600.

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