SECTIGO Certificate System Guide

1. Starting 1-5-2020, the Technion official system for producing certificates is the SECTIGO system
2. Link to Login -

Only a predefined user can use the system.
During the first period, existing users from the previous system will be defined.
If you are not registered yet, please email
3. The system works with the Technion SSO.
Please select the Your Institution option at the bottom of the screen.

4. We are defined as part of the IUCC, therefore you must look for -
Inter University Computation Center IUCCng

Start writing the text and the system will show you the options.
As of the moment of writing the document,  2 options will be shown.
* Note the ng suffix, the line with no suffix is not suitable for Technion authentication.
5. On the next screen, please select the TECHNION Azure AD.
You can select "Remember my choice"
so that the system will skip this screen in the future.

6. The most common use of the system is for SSL certificates - please prepare the CSR in advance


- Look for the CERTIFICATES option in the main menu
- In the  secondary menu - SSL CERTIFICATES
- Look for ADD+ to create a certificate application
- Continue according to the system screens


7. The system also has certificates of the following types

- Code Signing

- Client Certificates


8. The complete user guide is on the manufacturer's website.
After logging in, click "?" to the right of your username on the top right.
On that screen you will find additional guides and aids.


Domain definition:

- The DEPARTMENT must first be set up
- In setting up a DMN domain, set
and assign it to the appropriate DEPARTMENT and then perform DELEGATE.


Selecting the certificate type - SSL

Unlike the DIGI system, the setting the type of certificate as normal, MULTI or WILD is done after the CSR is loaded
choose certificate type