Microsoft Software for Technion Members

Each year, Technion renews its site license for many Microsoft products. Students and Technion employees are entitled to use those products as follows:

  1. Microsoft products installed on computers inside Technion Campus. According to contracts concluded between Microsoft and the Inter-University Computation Center---of which Technion is a member---Microsoft products can be acquired and installed on computers inside the campus. The acquisition and installation are performed with the consent and on the responsibility of the computer systems administrators of the faculties, or, by a member of CIS, in the administrative units whose computers are maintained by CIS.
  2. The DreamSpark Premium (MSDNAA) project. Students enrolled to all faculties and to all degrees, and the Academic staff are entitled to download for free Microsoft products. These products can lawfully be used exclusively for research, education, and personal use according to the conditions stipulated here.
    To download a Microsoft product included in the DreamSpark Premium project, click on this link. Please note that the link is accessible only from the Technion campus, or using a RSA password generator.
  3. The Microsoft at Home Options project. For a symbolic sum, Technion employees (Academic and administrative staff) are entitled to acquire exclusively for their personal use a copy of the following Microsoft products:
    1. Upgrade for MS Windows (not to be installed on computers with no previous operating system installed).
    2. MS Office

The price includes the media or electronic download. To buy, visit the Internet site:

For support for Microsoft products acquired in the frame of "Microsoft at Home", the user must contact Microsoft Support Team at telephone: 09-7625400 and identify himself or herself as a user of "Home Use Product at Technion".

Updated: 02/05/2016 , 15:08