Updating User Password in the Case of Expiration or Loss of Password

Updating User Password in the Case of Expiration or Loss of Password

פתח גרסה מונגשת

For information security reasons, your user password is valid for 1 year only, after which it will expire.

The system will prompt you to update your password prior to its expiration - please update your password on time.

Please note: without an up-to-date password, the use of your personal account will not be available.


Updating User Password in the Case of Expiration or Loss of Password:

  1. Follow this link: http://cc-account.technion.ac.il
  2. Press the "Missing: login/password/secret code" button:

 3. Now enter your student ID and secret code.
Secret code:
- Students: it is the code given by the Technion during the registration process (8 digits code. It is equivalent to your "moodle" code if you haven't changed it").

-Workers: it is the code you have received via your Technion mail upon your employment.
For those who know their Secret code, you may enter it by pressing "Continue" and proceed to step (6).

If you do not remember your "Secret code", you can restore* and receive it via SMS by pressing "Missing: login/password/secret code".

4. Under "Secret Code Type:" choose "My permanent secret code"

5. You will receive your "Secret code" by text message, type it and press continue:


6. Now, press "Password Change":

7. You can now choose a new password, enter it twice and press continue.

Your password must be at least 8 digits, and should include 3 of the following conditions:

  • Capital English letter
  • Lower case English letter
  • Number
  • Special letter: for example ,.#%^&-_ but not: ()*?!@ \[ ]'

*Choosing a word from the dictionary, sequential digits (like 789) or a combination of your first name with your last name will not be accepted!


8. If everything went well, you will redirected to the following screen:


9. The password change will be valid after the time period presented on your screen.

Now you can enter all the Technion systems with your new password.

10. For further assistance you may contact your faculty engineer, or contact Help Desk both via our site: http://5600.technion.ac.il        and by phone 04-8295600.

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