HPC Services - Accounts

Please fill a form for Zeus account here

HPC account is opened on ZEUS cluster with the Technion username and password using the technion authentication services.
Default quota is 100 GB

It is recommended to install home edition of X-windows emulator MobaXterm on Windows machines to establish SSH connection.

ZEUS can be accessed via ssh from any computer within the Technion Network, using command

ssh username@zeus.technion.ac.il  and applying Technion password.

TechSec Network should be used for Technion WIFI connection.
There is no direct access to  ZEUS outside Technion Network except via VPN.
For establishing VPN connection, follow instructions published here
It is recommended to download and install free WinSCP client for file transfer to/from HPC server.

Please note that text files, transferred from Windows, may contain unprintable characters.

It is recommended to apply dos2unix command  to these files.

Running interactive processes and graphical S/W on ZEUS login node is prohibited.   To use S/W with GUI and/or Graphical Post-processing

you can login to ZEUS-POST server using command :

ssh username@zeus-post.technion.ac.il    and  applying Technion password.

Portable batch System (PBS) must be used to run jobs on ZEUS  (click here for more details)

For help creating PBS scripts you can use  PBS script generator

Queues, available for public usage on compute nodes: zeus_all_q (24 h) , zeus_long_q (72 h) zeus_short_q (3 h)
There are 24 nodes each compute node contains 80 cores and 378 GB RAM.
Queue, available for public usage on GPU nodes: gpu_v100_q.  There are two nodes each containing 4 GPUs.

The charges for CPU usage on ZEUS are 0.03 NIS per wall time hour per core on compute nodes and 0.18 NIS on GPU

In the beginning of each month users receive the detailed reports on their PBS jobs run during the previous month.

The budget owners receive report, containing the CPU usage values for each user in their group and the total fees for the

previous month (in NIS).  They also receive a message with payment instructions.

The up-to-date Zeus usage can be checked by the command "prj_usage"