Video Conference service using Zoom software

All Technion people have the right to use the Zoom software on a personal license through the website
In order to use the license, please follow the following steps:

  1.  Make sure the camera/microphone function on the computer. Those who do not have and need them, please contact your supervisor for a solution.
  2. Installing client software at , can also be run on smartphone/tablet etc. The software also installs an outlook plugin that allows direct appointment calling.
  3. Logging in: Since the service is a cloud service, it is activated based on uniform authentication, therefore activating the link on a computer with a logged in user in the staff domain and clicking on the Sign in button will enter the user into the system. If you access from an external computer, you can log in with uniform identification as usual: (or

Since the system has many useful features, such as call recording, smartphone support, screen sharing and many other features, we strongly recommend that you refer to the Getting Started guide located here .

The software can be run in two main forms:

  1.  Host an appointment (even on a personal computer) with one or more users. Enabled immediately or in a scheduled manner.
  2.  Join a meeting hosted by someone else, on a PC or in a Zoom room. To join a meeting you need to receive a summon with a link or meeting number *.

(*) Please note that every meeting has a number such as 7298261298, the number can be fixed in the case of a public or personal Zoom room, or it can vary at each ad hoc meeting.

If you are interested in equipping a conference room/classroom etc. with multimedia equipment, it is strongly recommended to adjust the hardware according to equipment list recommended by Zoom .