Azure Virtual Desktop service for students

The idea behind the so-called Virtual Desktop is to run desktop operating systems and applications within virtual machines located in Microsoft's Azure cloud from any endpoint and from anywhere in the world. 

Through a remote display protocol, users get almost all the features as if the applications were running from their local systems, with the difference being that the applications are managed centrally on cloud servers with high availability features, using remote resources and without the need for computing power from the endpoint. 

These virtual machines are connected to the Technion's network and are equipped with software for which the Technion has a license for (MATLAB, SOLIDWORKS, Visual Studio and more). 

The service is free for Technion's students and available 24/7. 

You can connect to this service from the following systems: 

  • Windows Desktop 
  • Web Browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 55 & up, Safari and more) 
  • IOS 
  • Android 
  • macOS 
  • Linux 

More information on how to connect here. 

In order to register for the service, you must fill out the form here. 

The benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop: 

  • Efficient utilization of resources in general and processor and memory in particular 
  • Central management 
  • Flexible and fast and direct access to applications 
  • Uniformity in configurations 
  • Survival and high availability 
  • Central maintenance at the level of upgrades and updates 
  • High level of information security 

In the event of a malfunction or assistance, you can contact the Technion's support center at 04-8295600 or open a call at 

If you use the service, we would be happy if you fill out a feedback form.