The Microsoft infrastructure team in the CIS Division provides public computer farm services throughout the campus. These farms are based on VMware's VDI infrastructure. The idea behind Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is to run operating systems and desktop applications within virtual machines located on servers in the Technion Data Center.
image of a computerUsers access desktops and applications from a desktop on a Thin Client computer using a remote display protocol and get  almost all features as if the applications were running from their local systems, with the difference being that applications are centrally managed.
From the end-user perspective, VDI provides a near full functionality of their system on the desktop. Also, virtual desktops hosted in a central data center run on servers with high availability features, which can significantly help protect against downtime.

Benefits of VDI

    • Effective resource utilization in general and CPU and memory in particular
    • Centralized management
    • Flexible, fast and direct access toapplications
    • Unified applications
    • Survivability and high availability
    • Central Maintenance in the level of upgrades and updates
    • High level of information security
    • Use of central storage for maintenance of user data

The computer farms maintained by the CIS Division Microsoft infrastructure team include:

  1. Ullman 300 farms
  2. Ullmann 400 farms
  3. Canada Community Center farms
  4. Heller dormitories farms

    vdi infrastructure

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