Hosting services - virtual servers

The CIS Division provides hosting services for physical servers in the central server farm and virtual hosting services in designated clusters.


Hosting virtual servers

The CIS Division provides virtual server hosting services on the virtualization infrastructure of VMWare. The service is intended for customers interested in a departmental/faculty server operating under one of the supported operating systems.

Service specification for virtual servers:

  1. Infrastructure with high availability (server cluster)Data Center
  2. Connectivity to NetApp storage
  3. Advanced communications infrastructure with redundancy
  4. Operating systems: Windows Server and the following Linux systems: CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu
  5. Local daily backup with recovery option up to 30 days back according to the backup policy
  6. Remote site backup option at additional charge
  7. Monitoring of SolarWinds software
  8. Ability to access servers on RDP or SSH (subject to information security practices)

Cost of service:

The cost of the service in a basic configuration is 100 NIS per month, (minimum hosting period is 1 year) for a computer with 4 GB of memory and 2 vCPU

A Windows  Server is configured with an initial disk size of 60 GB and a Linux server  configured with an initial disk size of 40 GB , the  disk cost is 2 NIS per GB. The service includes local backup using the VEEAM software according to the backup policy.

You can upgrade the basic configuration and add memory/processors/disk space as needed based on the services price list.


The cost of hosting can be estimated using this calculator.


Register for the service

At for authorized budget manager.

  • Authorized budget manager: Go to the SAP portal, click on "Purchase software and services" and select "Services / Hosting".
  • Faculty Engineers (to be paid via  Technion budget): Go to the Computer Account Management Website , click on "Purchase software and services" and select "Services / Hosting".

Note: The service is annual, and a budget that is given for an initial purchase will also be required to renew the service unless stated otherwise.

Activate the virtual hosting service

Upon completion of administrative processes, including payment for the hosting and receiving approval for registration for the service from the Secretariat of the Computing Division,
please contact with the approval.