Hosting services - physical servers

The CIS Division provides hosting services for physical servers in the central server farm and virtual hosting services in designated clusters.

Hosting physical servers

cis data center

The service is intended for customers who wish to place a faculty server in the servers hall of the CIS division and enjoy the maintenance services of the division.

Advantages of hosting servers:

  • Utilizing infrastructure on a dedicated site
  • Total professional responsibility
  • Consulting and guidance on software and hardware issues throughout the life of the system


Types of infrastructure in the computing hall:

  1. Protected space with floating floor
  2. Air conditioning and climate control
  3. A multi-sensor control system
  4. Standard 19" equipment bases
  5. Electrical system including:
    1. Systems of protection from falls and short-term breaks
    2. System on uninterruptible power supply
    3. Emergency generator
  6. Fast communication infrastructure, copper binding and optics
  7. Orion advanced monitoring systems
  8. Integrated Management Environment DCIM

Hosting service specifications for a physical server:

  1. Position of standard equipment 19" width and xU height with accessories.
  2. Network interface at 1Gbps rate
  3. Network interface at 10Gbps rate
  4. Console management interface
  5. 220 volt power outlets from two separate UPS feeds according to nominal power according to manufacturer's data.

Terms of accommodation

  1. The hardware of the hosted server must be the responsibility of the manufacturer or service provider.
    In case the customer decides not to insure the equipment, repairing it if necessary will be his sole responsibility.
  2. The customer is responsible for backing up the information on the server, a backup service can be purchased from the CIS Division
  3. Security rules for remote access will be implemented as customary in the CIS Division and in accordance with the Technion's security policy.
  4. Entrance to the servers hall is a controlled entry. Every visit to the site requires coordination, both of the server owners and the supplier and/or external service providers.
  5. The customer is responsible for the evacuation of the empty packaging of the equipment
  6. The age of the servers hosted in the data center shall not exceed 7 years.

Cost of service:

The hosting configuration can be customized as needed based on the
services price list. The cost of physical hosting is based on three components:

    1. Server height in U units
    2. Communication needs measured in the number and type of interfaces
    3. Power is needed

The cost of hosting can be estimated using this calculator.


Register for the service

  • Authorized budget manager: Go to the SAP portal, click on "Purchase software and services" and select "Services / Hosting".
  • Faculty Engineers (to be paid via  Technion budget): Go to the SAP portal, click on "Purchase software and services" and select "Services / Hosting".



Reception of equipment for the hosting service

  1. After completing administrative processes, including payment for the hosting and receiving approval for registration for the service from the Secretariat of the Computing Division, please contact  the facility manager at with your approval for registration for the reception of the server
  2. At the end of the reception of the server, a joint inspection of the customer with the department's personnel will be conducted to verify the proper operation of the server and the connection to it.

For technical details regarding the service, please contact