Cloud computing services

Cloud computing refers to computing services provided to the user through an external company. The user hires computing services as a service from companies that provide central computing and storage capacity that can be accessed remotely via the Internet.
The use of the cloud enables the user to control and regulate the required computing power, so that  at overload times it is possible to hire higher computing power, and then to reduce expense at other times.

The Cloud Computing unit at the Inter-University Computing Center (IUCC) has created a mechanism that enables payment for cloud computing services by transferring a research budget.

The cloud service providers in this payment mechanism are:


The pricing of computer services consists mainly of three factors:

1. The cost for the usage time of the virtual machine unit.
2. The cost of the storage area.
3. The cost of data traffic between the local disk and the cloud storage space.


1. Upon starting the operation of the virtual computer unit, an IP number is obtained where you can connect to the unit. The computer unit is a server with a local disk, processors, memory and operating system according to the user preferences at the time of purchase. The payment is for the running time of the computer. To reduce the payment, we recommend that you stop the virtual machine when it is not being used.

2. The storage space of the virtual machine is purchased separately. You can purchase any desired space size, and the information on the storage space is kept as long as you pay for the storage space. The storage space is associated with the virtual machine. When the virtual machine is turned off, the storage space is saved and can be associated with another virtual machine.

3. Payment rates for information traffic can be seen in the price lists of the various companies. The payment is calculated for the data traffic between the local computer and the virtual storage space. It is recommended to analyze information about the virtual machine in order to reduce the payment. Traffic between different virtual storage areas at the same service provider is free of charge.


The various companies have pricing calculators that can be used to learn about the prices of cloud services. You can select the desired resources and find out the expected usage cost.

Below are links to the pricing systems of Amazon, Google and Microsoft:

The minimum budget transfer to start working is $500. It is transferred to the cloud computing unit at the Inter-University Computing Center (IUCC), where, as a first stage, the budget is allocated to one of the three companies. You can request that the rest of the budget will be used to use the computer services of another company. More details about cloud service through IUCC can be found at:



1. Before stopping the virtual machine, all local data must be copied to the virtual storage space. This way, the information will be saved and can be used on any selected virtual machine. Internal traffic is free of charge.

2. The payment for the time of operation of the virtual machine is a function of the strength of the selected computer (processor type and number of cores) and its amount of memory. In order to work effectively, it is useful to divide the working time with the virtual computer into two modes: test and information transfer mode and calculation mode. For the first situation, a minimal virtual machine should be selected in which to transfer the information to the storage area, install software, test and analyze information after running. In order to perform calculations,stop the minimal virtual machine and select a powerful virtual machine that meets the needs of the calculations, and only perform the heavy calculations on it. Stop the powerful virtual computer at the end of the calculations (to stop the payment).

3. The virtual machine can be selected for the same operating system as its version of the computer on which the software is to be run. In this case, the compiled software can be copied as is to the virtual computer and run there. This saves software re-compilation.

4. Each download and re-upload of the virtual machine will receive a new IP number. When the computer is for multiple users, we recommend that you select a fixed IP number. This selection is made via the virtual machine selection menu, and has a cost.

5. Amazon's cloud services provide a minimum of 12 months free server experience. Entry to the service is at this link. Receiving the service is subject to personal registration and credit card number. When used beyond what is assigned for free, credit card debit will be automatically charged.

6. IBM's Softlayer Cloud Services can receive a free virtual server for 30 days at the  link. Receiving the service is subject to personal registration and credit card number. When used for more than 30 days, the credit card will be automatically charged.

7. Microsoft's Azure cloud services offer virtual computing services of any kind for free for up to $500 per month.
Registration is under the Azure Pass Code section of

Microsoft provides scholarships for free use of cloud computing resources for select academic research. You can get more details and submit a research proposal at the site

Open an account

To open a new account or add a budget to an existing account, please fill in the details at / .

For help using the cloud services, please email the cloud computing support group .

For support related to cloud services or payment transfer issues, you can contact the IUCC at