Tamnun Cluster

Tamnun - a high-performance computer cluster at the Technion

Tamnun is a cluster of computers containing 3440 cores, that was purchased by the Technion from the TNN-SGI company. Tamnun is available for the use of all researchers at the Technion.  This new cluster was funded by the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute and the Minerva Foundation, and their users will enjoy first priority use of its resources.



As of today,  researchers and graduate students in the Technion can use -

84  Compute Nodes consisting of two units of 6-core Xeon 2.4 GHz and 8GB of DDR3 memory.
Graphics Processing Units: 4 NVIDIA Tesla M2090  GPU units.
In addition, Technion researchers have purchased 162 compute nodes and 3 private GPU units.
The total computing power of Tamnun cluster, as of today, is 253 nodes, 3440 cores.
Storage: Total of 50 TB storage space.
Communication: 15 blocking topology Infiniband 2:1 switches,
6  GiGE switches for communication management.


Hardware Presentation



Reference pages and information about Tamnun cluster



Software Systems
Linux RH EL6 operating system
SGI Cluster management system
PBSPro Queuing and  Scheduling system
Intel Cluster Studio (including Intel Compilers and MPI Library)


Software Applications

Technion Licensed Software 

(*) May need a separate license

Group licensed Software

  • Gaussian
  • Lumerical
  • RSoft
  • VASP


  • FFTW
  • OpenMPI
  • OpenFoam

You can submit applications to install additional software to the Tamnun team.
Please send e-mail to hpc@technion.ac.il


To open an account on Tamnun, please fill out and submit the form


Links to other sources for Tamnun users

Tamnun announcement letter:

Yulia Halupovich

For support please send e-mail to hpc-support-l@listserv.technion.ac.il