High Performance Computing (HPC)

Computer Resources

 TAMNUN is a computer cluster of 1056 cores hosted and maintained by the Division for Computing and Information Systems and  available to all researchers at the Technion.  This  cluster was funded by the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute and the Minerva Foundation and their users will have first-priority use.

Activity Fields And Specialization:

Promotion of HPC knowledge  and supporting Technion researchers in constructing and managing new computer systems intended for high performance computing and parallel computing.

Main activities:

  • Providing support in writing efficient  programs for sophisticated scientific/engineering calculations.
  • Guidance in designing parallel algorithms for projects in scientific computing and in adaptation of existing code to new architectures.
  • Providing lectures and workshops to the staff of the Technion.
  • Training and consulting in use of special-purpose programs in such areas as optimizing compilers (also for multicore architectures) and mathematical libraries.
  • Helping Technion staff in defining HPC needs for new equipment,  choice of   hardware and software.


HPC related web sites

LINKSCEEM - Eastern Mediterranean HPC Project 

PRACE - Partneship for Advanced Computing in Europe

For support please send e-mail  hpc-support-l@listserv.technion.ac.il