High Performance Computing (HPC)

Computer Resources

ZEUS is a computer cluster of 1920 cores hosted and maintained by the Division for Computing and Information Systems and  available to all researchers at the Technion.


Activity Fields And Specialization:

Promotion of HPC knowledge  and supporting Technion researchers in constructing and managing new computer systems intended for high performance computing and parallel computing.


Main activities:

  • Providing support in writing efficient  programs for sophisticated scientific/engineering calculations.
  • Guidance in designing parallel algorithms for projects in scientific computing and in adaptation of existing code to new architectures.
  • Providing lectures and workshops to the staff of the Technion.
  • Training and consulting in use of special-purpose programs in such areas as optimizing compilers (also for multicore architectures) and mathematical libraries.
  • Helping Technion staff in defining HPC needs for new equipment,  choice of   hardware and software.


HPC related web sites

LINKSCEEM - Eastern Mediterranean HPC Project 

PRACE - Partneship for Advanced Computing in Europe

For support please send e-mail  hpc-support-l@listserv.technion.ac.il