Mailing Lists

Listserv mailing lists

The CIS Division operates an Lsoft mailing lists server to meet a variety of needs:

  • Various administrative lists
  • Targeted lists for support of Technion licensed or other used software
  • Lists for organizing seminars, conferences and workshops
  • Lists of academic courses

Listserv software is characterized by high operational reliability, speed and flexibility. Currently, there are several thousands of mailing lists in use, transferring one million
e-mails a month. The software can be operated and used via email and also using
a web-based interface.

Mailing lists of academic courses

The CIS Division operates mailing lists for every academic course, for both undergraduate and graduate studies. These lists are updated on a daily basis and include the e-mail addresses of all the students registered to the course, as well as those of students who registered to certain lists on their own initiative. This enables fast and reliable communication between the course teachers and teaching assistants and their students.

Opening of lists

You can make effective use of electronic distribution lists for organizing conferences and seminars, by assigning lists to participants, lecturers, referees and others.
You can request the opening of a list  by filling out the form in this link (Hebrew) .
Opening of a list is subject to  Technion procedure no. 09-304 available at this link .

Handling of attached files

Due to a heavy workload on the Listserv central server, the CIS Division operates a system to handle the distribution of files attached to messages.

The system "peels"  attached files from the message and replaces them with a link accessible from anywhere, that is kept available for a long time.

The text which appears at the bottom of the message will look as follows:


An attachment named FILENAME.PNG was stripped from this message. You can access it at the following link for the period of one YEAR:


The Listserv archive contains the message with all the attached files.


 Request form for opening a list (Hebrew) »


Please note: You can access the form from within the Technion network only.