E-Mail Clients

Microsoft Outlook

This software is part of the MS Office package. It can read mail form a central server or an MS Exchange server. it includes also a calendar, and notes and tasks applications.

To set incoming or outgoing mail servers:
Tools -> E-mail accounts -> View or change Email… -> Change -> Server Information

To Leave mail on server for a few days:
Tools -> E-mail accounts -> View or change Email -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced
(v) Leave a copy of messages on server
(v) Delete from server after 7 days

Block mail from a specific address:
Tools -> Rules Wizard

FAQ (English)


This is a PC version of the popular Unix software. it works in IMAP protocol where all the messages and folders are kept on the server. Its very convenient for users who already are familiar with it form Unix. More then that, the issue of attached documents is resolved  in the PC version.

Download latest version here: http://www.washington.edu/pine/getpine/pcpine.html

Block mail from a specific address:
M (Menu) -> S (Setup) -> R (Rules) -> F (Filter) -> A (Add)
type here a string

FAQ (English)