The Video Server

  • The Video site - video.technion.ac.il allows viewing more than 200 courses using video streaming technology.
  • Viewing the recorded courses requires Technion authentication and the use of  a password generator is no longer needed.
    In the LOGIN screen, please enter username and password which are used to connect to t2 or to tx.
  • Viewing is done using a media player (installed separately),
    which supports WMV encoded  videos using the streaming protocol MMS or RTSP.
    It is recommended to use, as the first priority,  the Windows Media Player
    and as the second priority - RealPlayer 16.x
  • You can watch some of the courses also on the Technion YouTube channel,
    with no need for authentication, by pressing the YouTube Icon youtube-icon (on the list of courses subjects )
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Panopto server

  • Panopto server is used for streaming video based presentations .
  • The presentation is embedded in the browser. No external player installation is required (except for Silverlight Plugin)
  • To watch all the courses (as a student), select in the LOGIN screen
    Log in using: campus.technion.ac.il
    and use Technion authentication.
    (click on the image to enlarge it)
  • The site is managed by the Center for Promotion of Teaching
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