Connecting to TechSec from Windows 7

  1. Open Network and Sharing Center:

    Network and Sharing Center

  2. Inside Network and Sharing Center press on Manage wireless networks:

    Manage wireless networks

  3. Press on Add:


  4. Press on Manually create a network profile:

    create net profile

  5. Fill the fields as it appears below and then click on Next:

    wireless info

  6. Press on Change connection settings:

    connection settings

  7. Define the connection settings as follows:
    • In the tab Connection:
    • Choose the tab Security:
    • Click on Advanced settings. It should be marked on Specify authentication mode and in the popup menu should be User authentication. Then press OK.
      User authentication
    • Click on Settings and choose certificates:
    • After choosing the certifications as appears in the pictures, click on OK and close the windows.
  1. After choosing the network, fill in the appropriate fields, in the field Username fill:network authentication
    • Academic and Administrative users —
    • Students for all degrees —
    • Password for the account managed at the Account management site.
  1. Checking network connection:

    connection test

Click on Status for network details just to check that you connected and received IP address 132.69.x.x.

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