Internet Services for Researchers and Research Teams

Faculty members and researchers of the Technion Research & Development Foundation (TRDF) can purchase, at the TRDF expense budget, communication services in order to connect to the Technion network for research and teaching needs.  Recently, the Inter-University Computation Center (IUCC) signed a contract with Bezeq International 014 company for providing Internet services to Israel research universities researchers.

Technion administration has decided to join the agreement from 2015 and to allow researchers to purchase service packages that include communication infrastructure  and ISP services from Bezeq International.

The TRDF Research Authority coordinates and is responsible for the business and commercial relationship between Bezeq International and the TRDF. To join the service, please fill out the form on the TRDF site and send it to the service coordinator at the Research Authority, Ms. Rivi Eitan:
Phone 4230, fax 8326607, Email RIVIE@TRDF.TECHNION.AC.IL

• The TRDF sends the approved service order to Bezeq International that will perform the installation in coordination with the customer.
• Any change in the service address and type (such as bandwidth), including the moving of a phone number between different suppliers, needs to be reported, using the form, to the service coordinator.
• When on a sabbatical abroad, billing for the service will be sent to the owner of the line. Upon return to Israel, if refinancing is required from the Research Authority grants service, please fill out a new application form and send it to the service coordinator.
• Do not make any changes to the service through Bezeq's centers, even if they initiatiated the offer.
• Institutional funding is only for the infrastructure and the ISP. Installation and equipment costs are at the expense of the user.
• The CIS Division provides more complementary services, including password generator service. This service can be purchased in the SRM | SAP Technion system. The service coordinator does not address this issue. Please do not send her any requests concerning this matter.


A special support center is available to the Technion users, refer to the center with technical operational issues at phone 076-5555899, do not call Bezeq International regular service centers.


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