Pulse Secure on Windows

  1. Download Pulse Secure installers from the links below:
    For 32 bit Windows
    For 64 bit Windows
  1. Install Pulse Secure

click on run

Click on Run

welcome to pulse secure setup wizard

click on install

Click on Install

type yes

installing pulse secure

completed pulse secure setup wizard

Click on Finish.

  1. Click on the icon Pulse Secure and on Open Pulse Secure:
    click pulse secure and open pulse secure
  2. Then click on plus sign:
    click on plus sign
  3. Fill the connection data (https://vpn.technion.ac.il/):
  4. Then click on Add button.
  5. Now you have your connection ready:
    connection ready
  6. Click on Connect.
  7. Enter your full credentials in form User Name:
    • Staff users — username@technion.ac.il
    • Students — username@campus.technion.ac.il
  8. In the password field, enter your pin code and a code from your authentication app. The two codes should be together without any space.

click on Connect.

  1. Then you will see a connection status:
  2. And you are connected now:
  3. You can close the window by pressing Close button
  4. P.S. Next time you logon to the Windows Pusle Secure, the client will be ready for the next connection – just double-click on an icon as shown below, click Connect and enter your credentials:
    click pulse secure and open pulse secure