Pulse Secure on macOS

  • Tested on macOS Big Sur
  • Tested on Intel and Apple M1
  1. Download Pulse Secure installer from the link below:

    PulseSecure_macOS DMG

  2. Install Pulse Secure.

    PulseSecure_macOS Intro
    PulseSecure_macOS installation type

  3. Enter your macOS Username and Password:
    PulseSecure_macOS username&password
    PulseSecure_macOS Installing
    PulseSecure_macOS Success

    At the end of the installation, click Close.

  4. Put the Pulse Secure on the Dock:

    Place the pulse secure icon on the dock

  5. Click on Pulse Secure and then click on the plus sign:
    PulseSecure_macOS add
  6. Fill the connection data, Name – Technion, Server URL — vpn.technion.ac.il.

    PulseSecure_macOS configuration

  7. Then click on Save button.
  8. Now you have your connection ready:

    connection is ready

  9. Click on Connect.
  10. Enter your full credentials in form username@<domain> as described below. In the password field, enter your PIN code and a code from your authentication app. The two codes should be together without any space; and click Connect.
    • Staff users – username@technion.ac.il
    • Students — username@campus.technion.ac.il
    • ASAT users — username@asat.technion.ac.il