Using an RSA password generator (OTP)


Technion authorized users can call the Technion network from home or elsewhere outside the Technion, including from abroad.

Where to buy?

Purchase of the service is done via the electronic software shop.

Where to download from?

Cost of service:
Authentication upon remote connection to the Technion can be done using a software password generator.

Software password generator:
This application can be installed on your mobile phone or personal computer. It is used to generate  passwords for remote connection. Cost of service is ₪ 10 per month. You can purchase the application for the number of months required.
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What to choose in the shop, upon purchase of a software password generator?

Upon purchase of a software password generator, the buyer is required to specify the operating system on which the software is to be installed. This is not the operating system of the computer from which the user intends to connect to the Technion, but the operating system of the device on which the password generator will be installed.

i.e. You will usually choose the Android or iOS operating system, but you can also choose the operating system of your PC, e.g. Windows or macOS.

Using the smartphone as a password generator (recommended)
A user who wishes to use his/her iPhone or Android phone as a password generator will choose, upon purchase, the iOS or Android operating systems.
With a password generator installed on the phone, you can create a one-time password:

create a one time password

The user will enter this password in the Pulse Secure software on his/her PC to connect to the Technion network.

Using a personal computer as a password generator
If, upon purchase of the  software password generator, the user chooses Windows or macOS operating system, this means that he/she will use the PC both to generate a login password and to connect to the Technion network:

RSA securID



If the user chose his/her personal computer to generate a login password, he/she will have to carry the PC along with them in order to generate a password every time he/she wishes to connect to the Technion.
If, however, he/she chose the smartphone as a password generator, he/she will be able to connect from anywhere, as the login password is generated using the phone, regardless of the computer from which they are about to connect.

Please note: Before you start working, please read the Procedures for Technion network resources usage.


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