Central storage

Storing information on a NetApp central disk array is used to save  the users daily work data. It is a cluster of two servers ensuring redundancy and survivability. This storage array allows for highly reliable managed storage, with the ability to keep the latest versions using snapshots. In other words, files that were deleted/overwritten by the user can immediately be restored  to their different versions.The service is provided for various destinations, mainly for accessing disk areas as network sharing (share) using CIFS protocol for clients using Windows, and NFS protocol for clients using Linux systems.Network share (CIFS) of administrative units supported by the CIS Division support center get retaining of 182 versions of the daily snapshots (for six months). Semester backups are carried out twice a year (February and July) and kept for two years.
Network share (CIFS & NFS) of units that are not supported by the CIS Division support center get retaining of 14 versions of the daily snapshots (for two weeks). Longer-term backups can be purchased according to the CIS Division pricelist.Joining the Storage Service:
• Academic staff - please enter  http://portal.technion.ac.il, click on "Purchase of Software and Services" and choose "Services/Storage"
• Faculty Engineers - please enter http://acct.technion.ac.il, click on "Purchase of Software and Services" and choose  "Services/Storage"


For details see the CIS Division pricelist.