O365 Backup using Spanning

תמונה שמכילה אוסף תמונות התיאור נוצר באופן אוטומטי

Protect your Office 365 data

With cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery specifically designed for Microsoft Office 365. Spanning makes backup effortless and recovery click-simple. It’s all protected with industry leading privacy, security, and compliance.


Spanning Backup for Office 365 backs up your critical data every day, keeping your data in a different location and safe. It can Restore your data from any specific point in time, exactly as it existed in Office 365 before the loss. In the case of ransomware or malware, users can easily restore files from a point in time directly before the attack.


Spanning backup is designed to be intuitive and simple and It allows end users to back up and restore their email, calendar items, and OneDrive on their own.


The cost of Spanning Backup license is 280 NIS for three years per user (until end of 2021)


One must wait 24 hours after purchase of the license until Office 365 backup is done - Mail, calendar and OneDrive.


You can access the Spanning site for self-recovery of your data at the following site: