MATLAB Courses

MATLAB Courses

Published: 21.10.2015

We would like to inform you that the Israel systematics, distributor of MATLAB software, offers a variety of free services that can help promote the teaching, study and research. Among other things:

  • Lectures -

"MATLAB software innovations, tips and tricks"

"Accelerating the performance of MATLAB algorithms"

"Image Processing and Computer Vision with MATLAB"

"Automatic conversion of MATLAB code to C code"

Etc. ...

You can combine lectures as part of the curriculum (eg - a lecture or two of course), or a faculty seminar and the like.

  • consultation meetings - staff members are invited to sit down with an expert from the company and consult with him about their code
  • tutoring and educational materials - lecturers and practitioners who want to combine the various tools as part of the curriculum of a course that they transmit
  • sponsorship events

You can contact Roy Fahn (Technion graduate with a degree in electrical engineering), who serves as the company's technical contacts facing institutions of higher education: