Technion Office 365-Cloud Services


The Technion maintains an advanced e-mail services system. This central system is based on Microsoft Office 365 Cloud infrastructure and is intended for Technion students for all degrees, for academic and administrative staff members and for graduate students as they complete their studies.

Cloud accounts of users of this service are verified by the Technion central authentication system, used for uniform authentication for additional computing services on campus.

A user who has an account in the cloud receives a 50GB mailbox, a calendar, user sharing, and  1TB (!) OneDrive for business - storage for any type of files.

In addition, as a unique bonus, all cloud users are entitled to five Office  installation on computers and mobile devices.

Upon transition from campus to alumni, the graduate student will lose his/her right to use the Office products and the OneDrive folder, but the campus address and the mailbox contents will be saved and moved to alumni.

Access to Office 365 is at -


Current system

Cloud system

User population






Using the Cloud System

Before you first enter the 365 Office System, please change your tx/t2 password at and wait fifteen  minutes in order for the systems to synchronize.

 Upon first entering the Office 365 login screen please enter your username in the following format:  for students and for academic and administrative staff, and also the TX/T2  password. After setting the language and time zone, the system is ready for use.
You can watch a short video clip (11 minutes) explaining the usage in detail, including the downloading and installation of the products in the bonus bundle.
For students - at this stage please do not click the button to move e-mail to campus cloud until after you first enter the system.


Security and Privacy in Office 365


Retention and archive policies in Office 365