The Division for Computing and Information Systems provides a number of central servers available to all faculty and students.

Undergraduate students are provided with accounts on a central server named T2, on which they can manage email services, a personal website and applications for their studies.

Academic staff, administrative staff and graduate students are entitled for an account on TX server, which enables email services and personal websites, or on Exchange server, enabling email services and online calendars.

The server ALUF provides a variety of scientific software, designed to run batch jobs via the PBS queuing system.

The CIS Division also provides a variety of central servers with the following services:

  • HPC cluster - a cluster for High Performance Computing (called TAMNUN) for the use of all Technion researchers.
  • Servers hosting Moodle E-learning system for all students.
  • Web servers providing web hosting services to various Technion units, using a number of web development technologies.
  • Email servers providing webmail services and the ability to send secured e-mail from all around the world.
  • Spam filtering system providing anti-spam services to all Technion users.
  • Backup and recovery services for servers, workstations, personal computers and laptops.
  • Server for file sharing called UPLOAD, providing large file uploading service, that allows sharing among users.
  • DNS servers for the Technion domain ( domain).
  • LDAP and AD servers, providing user authentication for central servers and services.

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