Microsoft Azure Service


Service Description

Microsoft Windows Azure is an open, flexible cloud platform that enables developers to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers: virtual machines; website development; mobile services for user authentication and data retention; cloud API development and deployment tools; data Services, which incorporates SQL, Table, Blob storage; and App services like  Service Bus for messaging.

How to Order

You can make a budget transfer to the CIS Division for the amount of money you want to spend for Azure resources. A subscription will then be opened for you, in coordination with the CIS Division.


Availability for Azure services is substantially dependent on Microsoft. Specific information for each Azure service is available from Azure Service Level Agreements and the Azure Service Dashboard


Prices for Azure services are set by Microsoft and are based on usage. Estimates can be built using the Azure pricing calculator .

Technion users get a discount, as appears in the calculator -

Service Level Description

Azure services are subject to Microsoft's service level agreements for Azure and may depend, in part, on the specific options and configurations in use. See Azure Service Level Agreements .

Additional Informationמידע נוסף

Information on security, privacy, and compliance can be found in the Azure Trust Center .

Additional general information on Azure is available from the Azure Documentation Center .

Updated: 26/11/2017 , 11:28